Filo di Scozia

Tessuto Filo di Scozia Alta Qualita Filoscozia Centro Promozione

What does "Filo di Scozia" represent?

The designation "Filo di Scozia" has always been used to indicate very high grade cotton fabrics (two ply, long staple, double mercerized cotton) with unique characteristics of brilliance, softness, silky hand, solid dyes and, above all, for maintaining these characteristics over time.

Italian manufacturers are undoubtedly leaders in the production of these precious fabrics and have formed associations to promote and ensure the authenticity of Filo di Scozia fabrics. Clothing which features authentic Filo di Scozia cotton fabric carry the mark of quality of the associations, for example, Centro Promozione Filoscozia or Tessuto FiloDiScozia Alta Qualita, and feature all of the following special characteristics:

IT IS THE MOST LUXURIOUS COTTON YARN, obtained exclusively from the finest long-staple cotton, such as the Egyptian variety;

IT IS COMBED to eliminate the shorter, weaker fibers;

IT IS TWISTED AND DOUBLED: in other words, made up of two identical quality strands. The twisting operation more than doubles the yarn's original strength;

IT IS SINGED: that is, run across a gas flame to burn off any protruding fibers to achieve maximum smoothness and sheen;

IT IS SKEIN MERCERIZED: that is, immersed in a special bath with the fibers perfectly wound and under tension. Mercerized cotton fibers absorb more perspiration than any other fiber and dry readily, feeling pleasant and cool against the skin.

Only garments made of the finest Italian cotton that has been through this process carry the serial numbered tag of the manufacturer's association as a guarantee of quality.

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