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Lejaby Nuage Pur Full Brief - click to enlarge
Lejaby Nuage Pur Full Brief - click to enlarge
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Lejaby Nuage Pur Full Brief 5564M

Evolved from Lejaby's best selling Nuage and Invisibles collections, the Lejaby Nuage Pur Collection upgrades these classic, practical collections with new materials and nice details. A supple nylon/lycra microfiber blend provides elasticity and softness. These updated Lejaby Nuage Pur briefs improve on the original Nuage Pur style with flatter seams at the leg openings, eliminating the appearance of a "border" of extra fabric, and providing slightly more invisibility under clothing and a more secure, less loose fit on the legs. They also feature a sturdier, yet more refined, satin-trimmed waistband. Overall, the improvements provide a more comfortable fit over the course of the entire day, with less likelihood of stretching out of shape.

The basic, always available colors are Black, Lily (Off White, previously referred to as "Ivory"), and Power Skin. Note that "Power Skin" is a pale beige tone.
  • Composition: A sleek microfiber blend of 82% nylon, 12% lycra, 6% cotton.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only. Do not machine dry. Do not iron.

Availability: An " * " by the size or color options indicates that you can pre-order the item in that size or color for estimated delivery in 2 to 3 weeks. Otherwise, the item is available for immediate delivery.


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