Seacell Fibers

Seacell Fibers

What does "Seacell" represent?

A new chapter in textile history opened with the development of fabrics containing active health-promoting substances that survive the manufacturing process and remain in the fiber even after repeated washing.

Basically, Seacell textile fiber is the result of a simple idea: the natural cellulose-based Lyocell fiber acts as the carrier for a natural, health-promoting substance seaweed.

The minerals contained in seawater accumulate in seaweed. This explains the high concentration of trace elements, vitamins and minerals found in seaweeds and which make it particularly suited for medical applications and cosmetic products. Cosmetic products based on seaweed improve the blood supply to the skin and activate the skin cell metabolism, ensuring that the skin remains fresh, firm, and smooth. Medicines that contain seaweed accelerate the healing of skin inflammations caused by infections or allergic reactions.

The porous, open structure of the Seacell textile fibers promote humidity intake and release, and a healthful interaction between the fiber and the skin. The garment absorbs what your skin expels, while your skin absorbs the healthful elements carried in the fibers. Even after numerous washings, the health-promoting, beneficial effects of the fiber remain unaffected.

Unfortunately, Hanro and Calida have discontinued its collections composed of Seacell fibers and we have not found a substitute.

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