West Indian Sea Island Cotton

Zimmerli Sea Island is made from 100% West Indies Sea Island cotton, the rarest, softest and most expensive cotton in the world.

West Indies Sea Island cotton combines the softness of cashmere and brilliance of silk with the durability of fine merino wool. You feel its excellence as soon as you put it on, and once you feel it you will never forget its touch.

If Sea Island cotton is so superior to the others, why isnít it grown all over the world? Thatís like asking "If Chateau Margaux is such a fine Bordeaux, why donít they produce it everywhere?"

Fine long-staple cottons are indeed grown in many places, just as cabernet sauvignon grapes are grown in many places. What sets West Indies Sea Island cotton apart from every cotton fiber in the world is the unique environment in which it is cultivated, and how tenderly it is handled at every step on its way to you.

Many people have brought Sea Island cotton seed back to their countries and tried to grow it in vain. The West Indies climate and environment explain why the best cotton in the world has survived only on these Caribbean islands. Rainfall starts exactly when germination and seedling growth necessitate it, and the dry season comes exactly at the time of blooming. Gentle trade winds help regulate temperature, ensuring ideal temperatures with minimal fluctuation, even as 3000 hours of annual sunlight nourish the plants growth in well drained coral and limestone soils. The result is the ultimate cotton, a jewel among fibers.

The fluffy Sea Island cotton balls are harvested by hand, manually selected to guarantee top quality, and then processed using a gentle traditional method resulting in a unique blend of fibers with outstanding strength, a silken sheen and an unbelievable feel that cannot be found elsewhere.

Zimmerli then spins and manufactures it into an exquisite cashmere-like cloth in Switzerland, and finally puts it into the skilled hands of their Swiss artisans to create garments that completely redefine the underwear experience.

The most notable feature of Sea Island cotton is its texture of cashmere and brilliance of silk. Other cottons can obtain the same kind of texture and brilliance only temporarily through chemical and mechanical treatments, but Sea Island cotton has these attributes - plus durability - by nature, and they do not go away by repeated washing.

Truly, once you put it on, you will never forget the touch of it.

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